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Elenee Young - Good To Me
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Canadian Christian/Gospel artist and songwriter, Elenee Young releases the video for her new track  “Good To Me,” which can be viewed below.

Elenee Young’s sound is warm and her tone is rooted in her love for gospel music. As the 2017 Songwriter of the Year at GMA Immerse, she continues to pursue her artistry while bridging the geographical strain between Canadian and American gospel music. “Good To Me”  will be released everywhere this Friday (Apr 15).

“Good to Me is an antidote for a world that seems to be constantly spiraling in bad news. The bold sounds and vibrant melodies were created at a time when bad news just kept piling up and I needed to remind myself of the Goodness of Jesus. Before I could get into the specifics of how the Lord has blessed me, my family, my business, and our endeavors in the last while, I decided I should start with the foundation and focus on how I got here in the first place. When I met my Saviour, everything went up from there and we can all rejoice in a moment like that! Ricardo Hatfield is the featured artist, who came from an orphanage in Jamaica when he was just a young boy. His tone in Good to Me is apologetic and feels like home.” – Elenee


You’ve taken my past
And exchanged it for a hope and a future
You’ve taken my heart
And with perfect grace you put it back together

It’s who You are
And You’re so so good to me

Every chain
Is fallen off and shattered into pieces
Every sin
Is as far away as west is from the east

It’s who You are
And You’re so so good to me

It’s in Your name
In Your blood
And by the power of Your Word
It’s in the cross and empty grave
That I am healed and I am saved

It’s who You are
And You’re so so good to me

The battle is won
And You’ve conquered every power of the darkness
It’s in Your love
That we walk with all authority to prosper

It’s who You are
And You’re so so good to me

You make the mountains move into the sea
Every captive’s running free
Battle’s end in victory
You’re so good
You’re so good to me

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