DOWNLOAD MP3: Hollyn – Bird’s Eye View (Video + Lyrics)

Hollyn - Bird's Eye View
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Hollyn shares the official visualizer for “Bird’s Eye View,” which can be viewed below. The track was featured on Hollyn’s 2021 album titled Holy Rebellion.


Verse 1
I’d been feeling lonely and it’s alright
I had to work through it now it’s all fine
Standing on a place I thought was all mine
Now i’m looking at it in the face tonight

Changing all my perspectives
Cool calm and collected
All that time I invested
Now it’s something I’m blessed with
I’ve been gettin the rest in
PSA it’s suggested
PSA it’s suggested

So, take the birds eye view
Don’t just look in the mirror
If you only knew
Clouds starting to clear up
Up here in the blue
The grass isn’t greener
Don’t run from the pressure
This thing’s about to get better

Verse 2
I’ve been feeling steady and I just know
Circumstances change but i’m the same so
Agendas out the door as far as plans go
Slowing down the pace and staying in the flow

Stop trying so hard
It’ll slow you down

It’s about to get better

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