Hollyn – Tension (Download Mp3, Lyrics + Video)

Hollyn - Tension
Gospel Songs Mp3

Hollyn releases new music and official video “Tension,” which can be heard below. Hollyn shares on social media:

“Tension” is the sonic epitome of the word. It was born in the middle of an artistic struggle more than two years ago, and is finally being released into the world. With bold lyrics, off setting melodies, and character defining tone, “Tension” is accompanied by a cinematic highlight to match.

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Verse 1
What am I supposed to do
What happened to my breakthrough
Why won’t you answer my question
I’ve lost my sense of direction

I need you to protect me from the what if’s
To direct me and to guide it
With the precision of a knife
Precision of a knife

I thought that my time was a long time ago

Verse 2
I remember what you said to me
But I don’t see signs of it happening

This shade is wearing me out
Can’t see the sky through the clouds
What’s even happening now
I can’t see which way is out

Waiting for the tension to break
Waiting for the tension to break
I’m waiting for the tension to break
I’m waiting for the tension to

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