I AM THEY – Promises (Download Mp3, Lyrics + Video)

I AM THEY - Faithful God (The Grove Session Video)
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I AM THEY releases the official music video for “Promises,” which can be viewed below. The track was featured on the band’s 2020 album Faithful God.

You say that You’ll come through
But it’s been so long
It’s like the desert sand
Goes on and on and on

But I believe there’s something on the other side of all this waiting
Where all of these tears will turn to celebrating
So no more holding back and no more hesitating
Because I know

You keep all Your promises to me
Every word You’re speaking
My heart is believing
Standing in a future victory
All my hope in You, Lord
‘Cause You always keep Your, keep Your
You keep all Your promises

You’ve been the cloud by day
You’ve been the fire by night
You’ll never let me down
You’ll never leave my side

I trust the plan of a God who loves me
Who is for me
Who is good
Who is good
I trust the plan of a God who loves me
You are for me
You are good
You are good

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