Music Video: Jess Ray – Nobody Knows

Jess Ray - Baby Take My Hand (LP)
Gospel Songs Mp3

Jess Ray “Nobody Knows” is the feature track from the album. Click here to view the official video for the song, which is also placed below.



Nobody knows my lonely road
What I’ve taken and forsaken
What is hidden and what is untrue

Nobody knows except for you

Nobody my lowest lows
Paths I regretfully chose
How I made my bed in the depths
And yet you never left

Nobody knows in the shadows
Of the night how I would fight
A war within under my skin
Pulled in-between two versions of me

But when I was at my end
There was the hand of a friend
I spoke a word in my chest
A silent weak internal “yes”

Nobody knows how the sky broke
Over my head and it started
Raining, pouring blessings more than
I could ask or hope for

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