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JJ Heller releases a new song titled “The Final Word,” which can be heard below. The song was written by Heller, David Heller, and Andy Gullahorn.

Heller began releasing monthly singles in April 2017 that together have amassed over 55 million combined streams to date (through August 2020). The songstress will continue to announce a brand-new song on the first Friday of each month.

Listen to JJ’s Lullaby Album I Dream of You (Volume II)

Lyrics: The Final Word By JJ Heller, David Heller, and Andy Gullahorn

Your heavy heart
Your hanging head
The shadow of your deep regret
Your story’s got a world of hurt
But it is not the final word

You tried to run
To hide the truth
Your broken past caught up with you
And now you get what you deserve
But it isn’t yet the final word

You feel defined by what you’ve done
They say you’re worse than everyone
That your disease cannot be cured
But it will not be the final word

The garden feels
So far away
You’ve been locked up outside the gates
You see no way to be redeemed
But there is more than what you see

However dark your story is
Your sin is not the end of this
The lowest hell could not deter
The love of God
The final word
And you will fly
Free as a bird
Rescued by final word

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