Lyrics + Video: Jonas Myrin – Not Alone

Jonas Myrin - Not Alone
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Los Angeles-based Swedish singer, songwriter, and music producer Jonas Myrin drops an impressive single and official video titled; Not Alone.

“To me, music is a way for us to feel connected to something bigger than ourselves. In the middle of a tough time, I chose to use my pain and turn it into purpose and a song. My desire is that ‘Not Alone’ will give hope to others in what they’re going through. We can all find faith if we are willing to open up our hearts. Together, we’re never alone.” – Jonas Myrin.

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Bullets are crashing down
Like fireworks that never hit the ground
I won’t put out the flame
Some thing’s you never throw away

It makes no difference
I promise to break this silence
To let you know

You’re not alone, you’re not alone
Even when you’re sinking like a stone, you’re not alone
When standing on the corners of the road, you’re not alone
I’ll never let you go
So carry on, just carry on
I will trade your shadows for the sun, just carry on
It doesn’t matter what it takes
I’ll never let you go. you are not alone

I know we make mistakes
But this is bigger than the price we pay
Just like the crying rain
You have to fall to rise again

It makes no difference
I promise to break this distance
To let you know

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