Lydia Laird Release “Hallelujah Even Here” Official Lyric Video

Lydia Laird - Hallelujah Even Here
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Lydia Laird releases her first single with Provident Label Group, titled “Hallelujah Even Here,” with a lyric video and followed by the release of her self-titled debut EP on August 7, 2020.

Laird grew up in a Christian home in East Texas as the seventh of ten children, and during her childhood, she and her family spent two years as missionaries in Romania. She recalls becoming a Christian when she was just four years old and writing her first song at nine. Ever since then, music became an outlet for her.

Watch the lyric video for “Hallelujah Even Here”


LYRICS: Hallelujah Even Here By Lydia Laird

Right now I feel a little overwhelmed
Right now I could really use some help
Right now I don’t feel like it is well with my soul
I’ve tried to find a way around the mess
I’ve prayed in faith that the night would end
Right here when I just can’t understand
I’ll lift my hands

Hallelujah when the storm is relentless
Hallelujah when the battle is endless
In the middle of the in between
In the middle of the questioning
Over every worry, every fear
Hallelujah even here
Hallelujah even here

Somehow I bow and my heart gets free
Too far, too hard becomes so easy
I find peace here in surrendering
In letting go

Sometimes nothing left to give
Becomes the sweetest offering
And sometimes choosing just to sing
Is the thing that changes everything

Hallelujah, even here

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