Lyrics + Video: Maverick City Music – Temple Ft. Amanda Lindsey Cook

Audio + Lyrics: Temple (Spontaneous) by Maverick City Music feat. Amanda Lindsey Cook

Maverick City Music - Temple Ft. Amanda Lindsey Cook
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Listen and download the official Video for “Temple (Spontaneous)” by Maverick City Music featuring Amanda Lindsey Cook. Maverick City Music Vol 3, part 2 and available everywhere you listen to music!

“It’s the acceptance that you are worthy, something that happens in someone’s life when they really come to know the Lord. Paul talks about this in Ephesians, especially in Ephesians 2: ‘You who once were far off, now you’ve been brought near and it’s by grace through faith that you’ve been saved.’ I think that that’s something that it takes a long time to really accept, that you’re worthy of being a temple, someone that houses the spirit of God, that the Bible says that the same power that raised Jesus from the dead lives on the inside of us. I think that song is really just sort of a testament to that truth, that we are all living temples and carriers of his presence.”



You are the centre of my heart and my soul
I am a Temple

I am a Temple

Holy and worthy You call me Your home

I am a Temple

I am a Temple
I am a Temple

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