DOWNLOAD MP3: Munday Martin – Routine

Munday Martin - Routine
Gospel Songs Mp3

Nashville-based singer/songwriter Munday Martin releases new music this week. His new song titled “Routine” is available now.

“Routine is a song I wrote about our current overuse of screens on phones, tablets, and TVs. Are we truly living life or are we falling asleep? Jesus wants to awaken his bride I believe by starting new hobbies such as a fasted lifestyle from overuse of entertainment, and replacing it with prayer and the word and outreach to the lost and broken. Even my own family struggles with finding that balance and I believe our entire generation is. Will we learn to love or will we only desire to be entertained?

I have been the culprit to blame and I hope my honesty shows in the lyrics that I am questioning myself am I truly living with overuse of screen time or have I fallen asleep? It’s definitely one of the most interesting ones I’ve put out to date. And what’s even more incredible is I heard the chorus melody in a dream years ago and finally wrote the song. This song is filled with funk, retro rock, and yes Munday raps on it!” -Martin

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