Music: Nara Ekele – Valkiz

Gospel Songs Mp3

Valkiz a gospel minister dropped this recently and titled Nara Earle (Take all the Glory) which is filled with a message of thankfulness and appreciation for all and also towards the creator of the universe.

“Years spent so far in this world have been so amazing in our life’s, because we have smiled, laughed, screamed, cried, been down, been up and above all I’m grateful to God almighty He deserves nothing but praise, praise and continuous praise. I’m more than happy for the blessings, mercies and favors he’s bestowed on us all, and our families over the years.

“He might not have given us all that we wanted, but at least He sent all that we needed, and that’s what matters most to all of us today, please let’s keep on and continue to share our joy with those who are less fortunate and share our happiness with those who need encouragement, share our laughter with those who have not heard any in such a long time, share our tears with those who have forgotten how to cry, share our faith and hope to those who have None. Because it’s a New Season”.


Nara Ekele – Valkiz

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