Music: Sandra Karo – Chimamaka

Sandra Karo – Chimamaka
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Sandra Karo is a singer, composer, teacher and writer, who has an apt for affecting lives for God.
Her first single “Your Love” was an inspiring song that ‘reaches to the very heart of the God seeker’. It speaks the words of the loved to the One, the Love, our Father and King.

Her second single Chimamaka produced by metro of Big Name Productions is set to drop on the 14th of May 2017. Just as the name implies, the eagerly anticipated blend of Igbo and English slow rock emphasizes  God’s goodness, awesomeness and His distinct personalities.

Sandra is a passionate worshipper and minister who believes in worshipping God in truth and in spirit.

Chimamaka – meaning my God is good in the ibo dialet and according to sandra Karo, there’s so much reason for her to say these words ‘my very own God is good’. These same reasons caused her to write the song Chimamka.

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 Sing Along “Lyric” – “Chimamaka” Sandra Karo

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