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Switch - Better View
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Switch premieres “Better View,” alongside the lyric video, which can be viewed below. The group shares about the song:

“Better View” is a hope-filled song written for anyone who has trouble choosing to trust God when they face hardships. It can be scary when things aren’t clear and we feel like we can’t see our circumstances from God’s perspective. But walking with God doesn’t mean we’ll see everything perfectly. With His help, we’ll have a better view of our lives and learn to trust God’s plan.

The first EP of the new deluxe album from Switch Music, Better View Part I, releases on digital music platforms on Friday, September 24.

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Written by: Cassidy Estevez, Rob Estevez, Dameon Aranda, Michael Biancaniello, Louis Biancaniello

You ever feel like you’re walking in circles
Not really sure how you got back where you started
Don’t really get why things don’t seem to be clearer
Eyes are kinda blurry, might need a new prescription
Maybe my heart is a mirror
Hold it up to see how I’m actually feeling
I’m just trying to get how things could be different
I ain’t even lyin’, it’s pretty hard to see it

But You’re giving me a better view
Like windows open
Sunlight shining through my bedroom curtains
You’re giving me a better view
I can feel it
With Your help I see a little bit clearer
So good, so good the way
You see
See everything differently
It’s a better view (so much better)
It’s a better view (so much better)

Sometimes it feels like we move in slow motion
Like by the time I speak, I’ve already missed the moment
Not always sure how I can even make a difference
Eyes are kinda blurry, and I don’t really see it
Maybe I’m made to be different
Maybe these feelings all point to something bigger
Maybe I should kinda lean back and just trust
That if I do my part You’re gonna do something with it

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