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Natasha Tameika, commonly known as Tasha Cobbs Leonard , is a great worship leader. If you love excellent gospel worship songs, then Tasha Cobbs songs should be at the top of your list. She is an American gospel musician, and a psalmist, who is also gifted in songwriting. Besides, she pastors the same church with her husband, Kenneth Leonard, whom she got married to on 7th March 2017.

The great singer will move you to tears as you contemplate the goodness of God. All her songs are spirit-filled. It is not surprising that most people find themselves on their knees after listening to her tracks. It is important to note that she has excellent tunes. However, this descriptive list focuses on the most popular.

1. The Name of Our God

This is a song that tells of how one can look to God for defence. She sings of how God is the only helper. She advises her listeners to depend on the Lord alone. The song has 1,556,507 views on YouTube. It was released on 21st July 2017.

2. Gracefully Broken

This track indicates Tasha’s total surrender. She is ready and willing to be used by God as His vessel of honour. She reminds Christians that when they accept to be broken before the Lord, then they open themselves up for great blessings from him. The video has been watched over 31,150,524 times. It hit the airwaves on 5th August 2017.

3. Break Every Chain

The number was written by Will Reagan and sang by Cobbs. The powerful lyrics portray God’s immense power. Believers get to acknowledge the power that is in the name of Jesus.

She sings of how chains can be broken to give freedom to the oppressed and improve their lives. It does not matter that they were previously in bondage. Many people agree that this is indeed one of her best works so far.

4. You Still Love Me

There is no better way to enjoy your journey as a Christian, knowing that God is on your side. This tune is an excellent reminder to all that are waiting for a testimony. Tasha’s testimony is proof that the Lord is still at work.

5. Fill Me Up

This track is popularly known as ‘Overflow.’ It is is a request for God to fill her with the Holy Spirit. The singer’s desire is for her to experiences an overflow of His spirit. It hit the airwaves in 2015.

6. Jesus Did It

This song is from the album “One place.” The song is a prophesy she is making over her listeners’ lives. It was first heard of on 21st August 2015

7. Get Up

The song declares that the kingdom of God is rising to its rightful place. It is the place of power, authority, and dominion. Those who have been delivered and set free by the Lord have to proclaim his goodness and wonders.

8. Here

The songstress released ‘Here’ in 2017 and it has more than 414,278 views. She talks of how she wants to focus on God and not be distracted. The track will encourage you to focus on God alone. After all, that is what matters for anyone journeying with God.

9. For Your Glory

Released on 12th November 2012, the song has been viewed close to 55,453,390 times. It indicates how far one can go to see the glory of God. When you feel like there is little that you can do, then you have to submit to God’s will for his glory. It is among the most famous of her songs.

10. Forever at Your Feet

Tasha is one powerful worshipper, as proven by all her songs. This particular one will help you reflect on your relationship with God. She sings deeply from her heart as she submits herself to God.

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