DOWNLOAD Mp3: God Is The Best – Ty Brasel ft 1K Phew ‘Video’

God Is The Best - Ty Brasel ft 1K Phew
Gospel Songs Mp3

Two top rappers Ty Brasel and 1K Phew work jointly on a new music video titled “God Is The Best,” the first single from Ty Brasel’s new album, TRANSCENDENT, hitting digital platforms today.

“It’s a mixture of two worlds: these energetic, powerful verses that really move, and a heartfelt section with piano and singing,” Brasel says of the new song.

“He just perfectly fit into the track,” says Brasel of 1K Phew, who previously teamed up with the GRAMMY-winning Lecrae for 2021’s collaborative mixtape No Church In A While. “Some guests get on a song and do their own thing and run it off the tracks a little. But 1K Phew brought his unique style while staying true to what was being created. He made it greater.”

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