Bishop David Abioye at Dunamis International Gospel Centre IMFFC 2021

Bishop David Abioye
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Bishop David Abioye at Dunamis International Gospel Centre IMFFC 2021

When you are consumed with undying passion to seeing the unsave saved. The primary call into ministry is to win souls. Taking people out of darkness into light. Church Gist.

I can’t imagine closing a service without making an altar call.

He called us into the ministry of reconciliation. 2 Corinthians 5:17-20.

Can I tell you something people of God? The moment you stop winning souls, you are already dying.

Nobody may tell you this but you have to know this. If you are not winning souls, something is dying in you without you knowing.

A revival is a move of the Spirit that stirs the spirit of men to commit to kingdom advancement.

That’s the reason why we are talking about revival. To stir up our spirit, from Haggai 1:5-14, you will see details of that there.

May the Lord stir up the spirit of someone here tonight in the Name of Jesus.

From this Scripture, you discover that revival time is work time. It’s no play time.

Call to ministry is not call to leisure and pleasure. Call to ministry is call to work.

Revival is no play time, it is highly demanding serious work time.

How did Jesus start His ministry?

Luke 2:.49

Ministry is business. What is business? Any endeavor for which you are engaged with expectation of profit. Ministry is business. Business demands seriousness.

I watch many Ministers at the altar just playing. Playing and playing and playing. When there are people who are dying in sin for us to rescue.

Many Ministers say, you see if you are too hard people will not come to Church. It’s not true.

We call sin, sin. The reason why people are still leaving in sin is because we are not addressing those things as sin.

Somebody lied and you said it is a slip of tongue.

Somebody slept with another person’s wife and you said you know it is weakness. He is very weak. When he sees women, his body will be shaking this way. When they should slap him and remove teeth from his mouth.

You know why and how Joseph escaped sin? He said, how can I do this wicked thing and sin against my God. That’s the way we must be addressing evil in the Church today.

Call it the name. Name it inorder to clear it out of the way. If you don’t name sin, you cannot tame sin.

With due respect to all Co-labourers here, if there are things in your life troubling you that is making you to be unfit for this service, you better cry to God and if you need to seek for help, seek for help. Call for people to help you out of the things that’s draining your life.

Sin is a sinker. If you allow it, you will end under the waters.

Revival time is work time, it’s business time.

Revivalists of old are labourers. Not casual people, they are labourers. Who do not live normal life or keep normal schedules.

Every Revivalists has one injury or the other as sacrifices that they made unto God. Thank God it’s a joy tonight to meet with our brother, Roberts Liardon who did an extensive work by the grace of God on many generals.

You see, generals began as Labourers.

Many are looking for rank, when they have not made their marks. You don’t seek for rank, you make your mark. And your mark will give you your rank.

Most generals we talk about today are labourers. They were given to labour. Think about great men like Oral Roberts. Who I understand when he goes out for crusades, they can only know when they start, to they won’t be aware when it will end.

All the generals we talk about today are ardent labourers. They were given to labour.

Think about great men like Oral Roberts whom I understand when he goes out for crusades, they can only tell when the crusade is starting but they can’t tell you when it will end.

And in their time they must lay hands on people because that is the only way to be sure you have received your healing. If they were two thousand, they will lay hands on the all of them. And are there morning session, afternoon session and evening Session.

Some pastors will do one service on Sunday and take rest on Monday

At the prime age of these men?. Hmmm, Sunday was very busy and the anointing was so right.

You are asking why there is no revival in this generation?. Query yourself

Do you prayed the way they prayed ? Are you disciplined the way they were disciplined?

They know you everywhere to be attending their meetings.

Revival time is work time. Revival didn’t just come upon them. They worked it out.


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