The Transactions Of Iniquity

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Topic: The Transactions Of Iniquity By Dr. Pastor Paul Enenche From Seeds of Destiny [Tuesday, 03 October 2017].

SCRIPTURE: Be not deceived: evil communications corrupt good manners. 1 Corinthians 15:33

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: There is no compromise without cost; no pleasure without pay.

It has been established that life is all about transactions. For everything a man gets, he must give out something in return. As free as oxygen is, man must give out carbon (IV) oxide in order to get oxygen.

Spiritually, the same principle applies. What is most important, therefore, is whether you are transacting wisely or not. You must be sure that you are not paying more than what you are gaining.

The truth is, it is not what you get out of life, but how you get it. It is not where you reach in life, but how you get there.

The way you live affects the way you end in life. To live dishonourably is to end dishonourably. If you transact wrongly, at the end of your journey, you will realize that you have lost more than whatever you may think that you gained.

One major transaction in life that brings more loss than gain is the transaction of iniquity. Even the purported gain of iniquity has no future.

Many times, the cost of transacting in iniquity is worse than the supposed reward. Every time you partake in iniquity, a demand is made on your life, both in this world and in eternity. The transactions of iniquity bring both terrestrial and eternal loss.

There is no compromise without cost; no pleasure without pay.

Beloved, what is the cost of your transaction on earth?

REMEMBER THIS: There is no compromise without cost; no pleasure without pay.

1. Find out the areas of weakness in your life and deal with them.
2. Avoid the wrong company.

PRAYER: O LORD, I ask for the grace to live in Your fear and reverence always. Help me, LORD, to transact wisely always, in Jesus’ Name.


DAILY READING: Jeremiah 1:1 to 2:30, Philippians 4:1 to 23, Psalm 75:1 to 10, Proverbs 24:17.

QUOTE: Our ability or inability to forgive, affects our lives in eternity.
Culled from AM I BITTER? by Dr Becky Paul-Enenche

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