ALBUM: Matthew Parker ‘IRWIN’S Christmas Collection’ Debut EP

Matthew Parker IRWIN Christmas Collection
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Matthew Parker, releases his first-ever Christmas album titled IRWIN’S CHRISTMAS COLLECTION today via DREAM Records. Self-produced, this comedic take on the holidays pays homage to Parker’s experiences growing up in Michigan with a big family.

Featuring fresh sounding production mixed with classic holiday sounds, this album is a must-have for the Matthew Parker fan and for listeners who are looking for something a little different this year. Parker shares some of his insight into making his Christmas album.

Making a Christmas project has been a dream of mine for years. I’ve always wanted it to have some beautiful serious moments about the real Christmas story, but also a very healthy dose of the ridiculous and hilarious, and I think I pulled that off with this project and I couldn’t be more excited for y’all (yeah, I live in the South now) to hear it and laugh and maybe cry. It’s a wild ride, to be honest, but that’s the best way! Hope you like it!” – Matthew Parker


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