[INTERVIEW] Udy Uche With Focus On Gospel Rock and Inspirational Music

INTERVIEW Udy Uche With Focus On Gospel Rock and Inspirational Music
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In our recent chit-chat with Udy Uche, Nigeria’s fast rising Contemporary gospel Artiste with focus on gospel rock and Inspirational music, the tall and huge gospel artiste opened up to us on his new project “You Got Me Covered” #YGMC, what we should expect in his upcoming single, and his plans for Gospel music in Nigeria and abroad.

Your Inspiration Behind The Name Udy Uche

The story behind the name Udy Uche is a funny one because I spent weeks with my team trying to craft out the perfect name but it didn’t work out until my Pastor Bishop Nick Iheanacho asked for my stage name and I told him Udy, he said “just That” I said yes then he shook his head and said “lets add Uche to Udy to make it Udy Uche. And boom!! that was how it happened.

Interview with Udy Uche

How would you rate the Gospel Music In Nigeria

The gospel music in Nigeria is evolving and I’m proud to be part of the few people to bring in a standard in gospel music in Nigeria.

How Do You See Yourself In Few Years To Come

I would love to define my music journey with these words in the scriptures;…the favor of the Lord our Go be upon us, and establish the works of our hands(Psalm 90:7)..

Now, this means that the lord has blessed me with the talent of singing, not just singing but singing the gospel. He has established the works of my hands with his favour, so my mandate is to propagate his goodness through my music, singing to the weak, the feeble and broken-hearted, enabling them to have hope in hopeless situation, also see the light at the end of the tunnel, and like a candle, my light cannot be hidden. So, I will light up this world with my music, I will let them see Jesus in the eyes of my songs, I will preach the good tidings through my records, and you know what? Like he has said in that book of Psalms, his favor, his grace will make remaining part of my demands in Christ Jesus settled.

Apart from this, I see myself in few years to come as someone who would make an impact to lives and set a standard in the gospel music industry in Nigeria and in the world at large.

About Your New Project “You Got Me Covered ”.

“You Got Me Covered” is the first record that I am going to put out there, and I am just emotionally attached to it. That said, for me; this is not just a song but an “ASSURANCE” that we have a coverage as children of God. A Coverage that is unconditional and undeniable. I want to pass a message to children of God, that no matter what we might be going through, there’s always a covering and it can only get better.

About The Kinda Sound To Expect In “You Got Me Covered’’.

You Got Me Covered Is a very simple contemporary gospel rock song, the kind of sound that is not common in this part of the world but very simple to relate with. There is a part in the song that will connect everyone, and for a babe in Christ that is in search, I’ve got this for them; there is a pure, undiluted and relational message in the song which is; no matter what you are going through, God has got you, your life and future well covered.

Udy Uche; Contemporary gospel Artiste with focus on gospel rock and Inspirational music

You Recently Had A Listening Session For “You Got Me Covered”, TELL US ABOUT IT

Interview with Udy Uche

First of all, i want to say big kudos to my team who had planned that exclusive listening session up for “You Got Me Covered”. To be sincere, i had an amazing experience to seat with people, who had first hand listen to my song while they reviewed it right in front of me. I could relate to how they felt while listening, their emotions, how the song hit them, and how they assimilated it. It was an incredible moment. We also took note of the little foxes in the production of the song, and i and Mac Roc – my producer, had gone back to fix those issues up immediately after the session.

Udy Uche with the attendees at #YGMC listening session

Which Gospel Artistes Do You Look Forward To Work With In Nigeria And Outside Nigeria?

The list is not long, I want to work with Nathaniel Bassey, Tim Godfrey, Eben, Victoria Orenze, Freke Umoh, Samsong, and outside Nigeria, I want to work with Travis Greene, and maybe Micah Stampley

What New Thing Are You Bringing To Nigerian Gospel Music Sphere?

I am bringing in simplicity with the genre ‘Gospel Rock’. my music will be simplified with hope, faith and love in Christ with God’s assurance in place. The type of music that everyone can relate with. The type that the sick in our society will listen to and strength will wail up in their bone, the one that will make the weak strong and will also build the poor with enough believe to go out there and win the wealth of life back with work. My music will inspire and motivate a lot of people into success.

On Your Defining Moment

I do not have any special defining moment. Every time, I sleep, wake up and see a bright new day, that is all I require to define me, because I have not done anything special to deserve the gift of life, but God is faithful. However, so long as I live, I breathe, I am just defined. I am defined by his mercies and grace to be alive. Just to let you know that God has got me covered on the daily. This is how well I define my moment in life.

Udy Uche at the listening session of #YGMC

Apart from music, what other thing Do You enjoy Doing Most

I love making money (business) and helping people.

How do you prefer you Jollof, with chicken or with Asun

Chicken all day.

What’s Your Parting Shots

I have begun a journey, a journey into singing my way into the hearts of men with gospel music. It will not be easy, I am sure I will face obstacles, resistance, crisis and all other vices in this world, but I am sure and confident of this very thing; God has GOT ME COVERED.

Udy Uche is Nigeria’s fast rising Contemporary Gospel Artiste with focus on gospel rock and Inspirational music.

Socialize with Udy Uche: Facebook – Udy Uche, Instagram [email protected]_Uche Twitter– @Udy_Uche

Interview with Udy Uche

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