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Love Inspiration “Heart Break” June 2019 Volume 1 By Pastor Fiefa Micah

Love Inspiration (Heart Break) By Pastor Fiefa Micah

Pastor Fiefa Micah – Love Inspiration: Topic “Heart Break”, a Forum for singles and married, June 2019 Edition Volume 1.

Excellent Day Beloved People!

In recent times, the high rate of suicide in the society today is mostly related to heartbreak; emotional conflict or relationship abuse. Suicide refers to a particular instance of a person intentionally killing him/herself. Heartbreak is a term used to describe crushing grief, anguish, and distress, often due to the pains and strains of love. It can be so intense that sometimes, it feels the same as physical pain.  This happens as a result of relationship abuse or dispute.

Terminating a relationship can boost suicide risk if not properly handled. People often look to their relationship partner for security, comfort and physical contact. It is like the attachment of an infant towards the mother. Therefore, sudden end of any relationship can have serious consequences. Depression follows after a severe heartbreak which results to low self esteem in some cases. A broken relationship doesn’t lead to suicide on its own, it actually makes people more vulnerable to emotional problems such as depression.


  • Seek godly counsel
  • Express yourself
  • Surround yourself with people who are willing to help you
  • Do what you love doing
  • Make yourself a priority


  • Do something special
  • Learn what pleases your partner
  • Show physical affection
  • Learn to communicate frequently
  • Learn to say ‘I love you’


Dear father, give me the heart and strength to overcome challenges in my relationship, I declare that we’ve a mutual understanding and passion to carry on in Jesus name, Amen


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