Make Your Relationship Relevant – Love Inspiration By Fiefa Micah

Make Your Relationship Relevant - Love Inspiration By Fiefa Micah
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Love Inspiration: (Singles and Married Forum: Make Your Relationship Relevant) November 2019 Edition Volume 111 By Pastor Fiefa Micah.

Excellent Day People!

Marriage is not a destination for happiness or a bed of roses; it is a life time journey of two imperfect persons refusing to give up on each other to attain perfection. As a couple, give yourself time to align with one another’s likes & wants. Be passionate about your marriage. Be determined to make it work. The willingness and determination to make it work attracts the in- built ability and required knowledge to do things differently. In this week’s article, I would like to discuss few tips that will enable a successful marriage as you make yourself relevant.

You’ve been given everything you need for a beautiful life and marriage by God. You may not know this but every time you speak, you shape your future, life & marriage (Proverbs 18:12). You are today what you said years ago. It means you’re fully responsible for your marital status, life & future; they’re in your hands. Therefore, what becomes of your life and marriage is the result of your words – tongue work.

Way to make yourself relevant

  • Acquire knowledge, invest in your personality. Dare to break out of your comfort zone and reach out for the stars.
  • PUSH; Acquire more knowledge & be informed. Study and read books to boost yourself knowledge.
  • Invest in yourself; by investing in yourself, you’re actually impacting the world with your personality and not just your marriage/relationship.
  • See things differently; A marriage/relationship that’s built on the Worldly system cannot stand the test of time as everything in this world is subject to change.


  • Be yourself; be authentic
  • Support your partner always
  • Don’t fake your love
  • Spend quality time together
  • Always communicate with your partner


Heavenly father, May you perfect every good thing you started in my life, bring the right people my way in Jesus name, amen.


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