Pastor Fiefa Micah: Love Inspiration – July Edition Volume 1

July Edition Volume 1
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Hey People!

Welcome to the month of July. The seven month of the year 2018 brings to us the perfection of the year in every area that needs to be perfected to express love.

Love inspiration is an act of influencing a supernatural ability through the word of God on an individual to express love (Romans 12:2). God is love and has given you the ability to love, not only to those that love you but to love everyone. So the question is: How deep is your love? How far can your love go? How much can your love give? How much can it endure? When you’re full of love, you can give more of it and influence many more with it.

Principles On How To Inspire / Express Love


Luke 21:36 says ‘Be always on the watch, and pray that you may be able to escape all that is about to happen…’(NIV)

Everything on earth is subject to change if you can take it on to God in prayer. The power to possess that which you desire is your faith in the word of God. When you understand God’s purpose for your life, it will create a room for you to inspire and express love easily.

I was told of a story about a young man who wanted to get married. The young man had three beautiful ladies with each wanting to become his wife and decided to do something with the three ladies to determine his choice for a wife. He gave the three ladies $5,000 each and asked them to do whatever they want with the money.

The first lady went to a beauty salon, makes herself up, changes her looks, ward rope and bought some things for the husband to be. She then came to the man and presented herself and said, I have to look good for you because I love you very much.

The second lady used the money and bought a lot of things for only the man. She came presented hers and said; I care about only you and not myself because I love you.

More so, the third lady came with the $5,000 and said, I invested the money in shares, bonds and other good businesses; it has generated a lot of income and I’m here with the money you gave me. She returned the cash to him and left.


Answer: He choose the first lady


#Take whatever you do to God in prayer – John 16:23

Walk with the four dimensions of love – Ephesians 3:16-19

Don’t pretend, don’t be afraid; be sincere & genuine – Romans 12:2

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