Lyric: Ogheneme (My God) Eunice U.

Ogheneme (My God) Eunice U.
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Eunice U, has drop the “Ogheneme“ (which means “My God”) she s set to bless the world with her debut album “Happily Victorious Live” scheduled for release later this year.


Ogheneme by Eunice U.

Written by Eunice U.

Verse 1:
The time has come for us
To lift our hands in praise and worship our God
This is a brand new day he made for me and you
So let’s give him thanks
He’s the creator of everything, all powerful he is
He is capable of making all things new
There’s no one like our God

We call him father. We call him Alpha
The first and the last. Beginning and end
We call him Nissi. We call him Yahweh
The first and the last. Beginning and end
Ogheneme (Ogheneme)
Ibuchimo (Ibuchimo)
Olorume (Olorume)

We praise you
Forever we praise you
We lift you up
Our savior and king

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