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Efiokpene Voke was born in Ughelli Delta State on the 10th of June 1987 to Mr & Mrs Raymond Efiokpene. He’s the 4th child of 5 children. READ MORE

We live in a time where diverse kinds of tragic events are happening. Many people are starving, some are homeless due to natural disasters, and most of these people have lost hope.



We’re Human by Voke

Verse 1

Tragedies are happening
With the flood in Benue,
hurricane in Texas
Families lost their homes,
kids and properties too
Now they feel its all over
and nothing can be done no more
But, they got you and I
And they can have a shoulder to lean on


What makes us Human
Is when we think of what we can
Do for others
In the time of their pains
Every little gift,
every little helping hand
These makes us Human
When we’re hurting we cry
When we’re happy we smile
Coz we’re human, human
We stand for one another
Coz we’re human

Verse 2

Why turn a blind eye
To the hurt that you see
When you can give a little help
And put a smile on that face
All that we’re living for
Is to have a good legacy
So that when we’re gone from here
Our work will speak for us
Yes! We’re stronger together
Life is worth living
When we love each other…..


We are connected as one
We shine brighter
When we light up one another
You can be the reason someone smile
You can be the reason someone feels loved
And believe in the Goodness in people.

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