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New Album Now Available Praise Morgan Minsks
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The album is a compilation of 9 songs which are close to Minsk’s heart, and include vivid storytelling, inspiring worship, and meaningful lyricism. There are new, fuller arrangements of well-known favorites on this album, such as “Praise”,Pictures of Time“, and “Plans”, as well as completely new material, such as the country rock story “Humble Heart“. The music covers a spectrum of emotions, both energetic and reflective.

The album titled “Praise” is the first-ever project of the Award-winning vocalist, performer, Berklee graduate, Morgan Minsk and it release at midnight on May 11, 2018.

Praise is recorded and mixed by 3x Grammy nominee Warren Babson and mastered by 9x Grammy nominee and 2x Grammy winner Randy Merrill. The album was completely crowdfunded with $25K by Minsk’s fans, friends, and family.

Minsk defined her music.

“My music is like a mix between India Arie and Joseph,” she said. “I also have strong roots in world music, which I love to sprinkle especially into the percussion parts. Singers like Dido and The Cranberries have this subtle, otherworldly yodel in some of their pieces, which I also love. With Dido being one of the first singers I ever listened to on my own, she influences a lot of my vocals in songs like Praise. Being a Berklee grad with a long history of Jazz performance, I also have that stringing along through the album,” she stated.

She also talked about the recording process with Warren Babson.

“Recording with Warren was so natural,” she said. “The studio was always filled with laughter. I am a natural perfectionist, so I would often berate myself about certain songs, asking myself why I was even doing this project in the first place, etc–and Warren would always know what to say to get the ball rolling again. A few songs on that album might have been trashed in the early stages if it hadn’t been for Warren’s wisdom and encouragement!”

She went further to also talked about what she hopes her audience will take away from the album.

“My hope is that Praise reaches a few different kinds of people–those searching for raw authenticity and meaning amidst the typical “bubblegum perfection-type” Christian music,” she said. I want it to reach those who are hurting and need refreshment. And those who are already Christians and just want to be inspired. My hope is that people can enjoy this music and be touched by it regardless of their religious beliefs.” she said.

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