10 Things You Will Find In Summer Music Festivals

10 Things You Will Find In Summer Music Festivals
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Now that Labor Day has come and has signaled the end of summer, the NRT team got together to take a look back at 10 things that you’ll find at a summer music festivals.

10: It’s the weather’s time to shine…or not.

You never know what the weather is going to do. It could be sunny or raining. Windy or calm. Hot or cold.  Or, all the above throughout the course of a day.

9: The invasion of personal space.

The absence of any official seating arrangement is a clear invitation for others to get a bit too close.  If you’re close to the stage, you’ve signed away all rights to personal space and you’re about to get cozy with your neighbor.

8: Lonely?  Find a free hug.

Whether it’s a t-shirt or a sign, you’re sure to find someone offering a free hug. We just can’t guarantee the last time they showered. That being said, high fives are usually free as well.

7: Finding the best spot is an art form! 

It requires dedication by being at the venue early to be at the front of the line. It requires preparation by bringing the right supplies to secure your spot. It requires endurance by not moving so you don’t lose your place.

6: Artists wandering around incognito.

Have you ever met, or even seen the artist from an early part of the lineup? How about the drummer from the headlining act? Chances are good that you have as they’ve wandered through the crowd.

5: Buying merch is a matter of hygiene. 

You’ve been standing in the hot sun all day, and now you don’t even need a smelfie to know you’re ready for a new shirt. The only decision now is which artist to get the shirt from.

4: All of “Spirit Week” crammed into one day.

Crazy hair? Check. Wacky dress-up? Check. Costumes? It’s happening.

3: Crowd Games. 

There are certain games that are best with a festival crowd. How about an epic game of tag? How many stickers can you place on strangers without anybody noticing? I’m pretty sure it legally cannot be called a festival without a beach ball flying around.

2: Unexpected collaborations.

Who would have thought Mandisa would team up with Austin French? You never know who will team up for an epic collaboration.

1: The sunburn.

Admit it, this is the one you came here looking for. Nothing says summer festival like the sweet aroma of aloe, sunscreen, and sweat swirling together.

What reminds you of a summer festival?

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