11 Facts You Should Know About Benjiszzy Zaakii Song Oluwa Lo Gami

Oluwa Lo Gami - Benjiszzy Zaakii
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Oluwa Lo Gami is a song by Benjiszzy Zaaki and Ghanaian based guitarist Barone Samuel (Bskute). Below are eleven facts which you never knew about the song.

  1. The Instrumental for the song was made about 15minutes by Becky Jay Tune.
  2. There was never a one on one contact with the Ghanaian guitarist featured, but data were being sent to and fro via Dropbox.
  3. Background vocal were originally made by Tariah Ipalido but in the final mix you hear a woman voice, credit goes to Becky Jay Tune.
  4. Benjiszzy doesn’t understand Yoruba language.
  5. All translation were made by Kehinde Bolarinwa.
  6. The title of the song Oluwa Lo Gami came to him as an inspiration and he didn’t understand the meaning till he finished writing the song.
  7. When he finished writing the song, the song tallied with the title.
  8. The translation of the title Oluwa Lo Gami means Is the Lord not Good?
  9. The cover art of the song was a manipulations of pictures because he had no time to do the studio stuff.
  10. After releasing Another Saturday he was scared of doing another song.
  11. He has to beg Jonah Wokekoro for about an hour before he finally agreed to play major chords after Becky Jay Tune.

These are the 11 facts you never knew about the song so which number caught your attention the most? Use the comment box to tell us and don’t forget to share with your friends…..CARING IS SHARING.

Benjiszzy Zaakii Song Oluwa Lo Gami

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