Raving gospel high-life singer, Abidemi Ayodeji Ogunmolu, popularly known as Bidemi Olaoba, is one of the young-talented gospel musicians making airwaves. The in this interview by SEYI SOKOYA, the artiste, who is currently on a music tour abroad, speaks on how his talent turned his life around and his vision for the industry. Excerpts:

How did you discover your music talent?

My passion for music started when I was in the children choir. I grew up being in the choir from my early years in Christ Apostolic, Ketu, Lagos State. I had several words of encouragements from people that I had a good voice. These compliments are some of the things that built my confidence and I eventually taken it up professionally. I have since then my career has formed a new shape and I thank God for how far He has taken me in the industry.

How has life been for you professionally speaking?

It has not been so smooth, but not too rough also, God has been faithful since I became a professional gospel music singer. It has not been easy, especially as a fast-rising gospel musician, not to talk of setting up a band. I thank God for the success so far. The journey has been interesting and I know it has just started. My career had a facelift about three years ago when I started playing at the Marathon Praise organised by the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), though I have been around for a long time.

Don’t you see your breakthrough as so sudden, compared to other artistes in the industry?

I think this development is part of the signs that I have God’s backing and also a confirmation that it is predestined assignment. I think God is at work; He is ushering my steps to wherever He wants me to be. I thank God for the grace in surrendering myself as a vessel for His work. I have not got to my peak; I still have a lot ground to cover.

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How have you been managing your band as a young musician?

I see everyone under this fold as a team player. We are bonded, because we are not strangers to one another. In fact, I need to state it clear that we all have a common root; we grew up together and remained united; we are friends from childhood. So, it have been easy working together. Though, we often had cause to disagree, but we makeup immediately.

You have been able to carve a niche for yourself. What did it take you to achieve the feat?

I feel good and great about it. It is not doubt a gift from God. I don’t see any anything special about what I am doing, because whatever I do is to the glory of God. I amprivileged to have been gifted, as well as using my talent for God. The experience has been awesome since I discovered my talent, because it has opened many doors for me and will also do exploit for me. My style of music is not an exception; the focus is just to be unique and also have a brand. Aside the name which is gradually being registered on the minds of my fans and worshipper beyond the shores of the country, I have decided to connect people in a dynamic way.

Did you have the premonition of going into music?

Yes. I have always been a lover of music. Though, I studied Civil Engineering at the Institute of Technology, Yaba, I didnt see myself as a practising engineer since I realised I had already developed interest in music. I am committed to praising God all my life. I don’t intend to break that philosophy as long as God gives me the grace.

You are always energetic on stage, what is the secret?

Bidemi Olaoba Exclusive Interview

I don’t usually notice that I am energetic on stage, because it has become part of me. I am always overwhelmed to lift souls during ministrations as well as bring enough life into my performance. So, the insinuation about being energetic or intoxicated by anything is meaningless. My band and I have been able to create our brand and my kind of music doesn’t give room for dull moment. On the other hand, I keep a healthy diet. I would say that being energetic on stage is natural  for meand God is the reason behind whatever I do.

How do you draw inspiration?

I would say that source of my inspiration is God. But I usually get more inspired in a quiet place and sometimes when I’m worshipping God.

Why did you choose gospel at the expense of secular music?

I guess it is has been God, because at a point I discovered that I just couldn’t do something else except since I started music. I’m proud to say that I am a product of grace.

You must have been challenged or condemned for infusing secular music into gospel music. What really informed this?

The Bible said the children of the world are wiser in ways. The generation we found ourselves has made us infused few things to catch the attention of audiences and fans.

Don’t you think this might hinder the message you want to achieve through gospel?   

No. This is God’s assignment and it cannot be threatened or overshadowed. The message is the primary motive and nothing can affect that.

What is your challenge in the industry?

I don’t have any challenge, but greatest fear is to continue. Because I anybody can start some anything, but the most important thing is to end well.

What is your assessment of the industry?

We are growing and we are getting there. You will agree with me that we are not where we used to be and more talents are being discovered. It has also made a name both in national and international markets.

What are you aspirations for your career in the second-half of the year?

I have a lot on my mind and I trust God will accomplish them all. One of my priorities is have my first album this year and plans are in the top gear in achieving that.

What are the three things you think people don’t know about you?

They don’t know that I am quiet, quick thinker and humorous.

If not music what would you have become?

I would have become a pastor or a footballer. But I think God chose music. I cannot explain why He made me ventured into music, but I can see the signs. I’m not just a musician, but a vessel on to honour as a gospel singer, because His has manifested himself through my talents and has opened many doors for me. I am just grateful to God in all ramifications. The sky is the limit for me and I also want to thank other established artistes that have supported my dreams over the years. The industry has been very interesting and impactful because God is really using gospel musicians to liberate the world.

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