GMNews: Joe Praize – Not All Pastors Have Become Money-Hunters

Joe Praize Nigerian Gospel Minister
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Article and Photo obtained from popular Nigerian Gospel Minister Joe Praize IG account.

Nigerian Gospel Minister Joe Praize

Not all pastors have become money-hunters who will sell their souls or compromise their mission for lucre.

-There are still pastors who know what it means to abase and abound.

-There are still pastors who don’t divert ministry resources toward private purposes.

-There are still pastors who don’t invest church funds in Ponzi schemes in hope of quick and unreasonably huge returns.

-There are still pastors who give more to their churches than they ask their members to give.

-There are still pastors who will go hungry just to see that families in their congregations eat a proper meal.

-There are still pastors who give to their own hurt and defer some of the needs of their own families to give their followers a better chance in life.

-There are still pastors who don’t “fleece the flock” and milk them dry.

-There are still pastors who are not driven by a desire to “make” the Forbes list or the “richest people” in the world.

-There are still pastors who don’t place the burden of their personal needs on their congregations.

-There are still pastors who don’t ordain people based on the size of their offerings.

-There are still pastors who aren’t swayed by the wealth and financial worth of their congregants.

-There are still pastors whose personal weekly budget for charity outweighs the yearly budget of their critics for personal entertainment.

-There are still pastors who don’t sell prophesies or trade the “gifts of the spirit.”

-There are still pastors who don’t ask for a “seed” before counseling people.

-There are still pastors who don’t idolize rich members and trivialize the poor ones.

-There are still pastors who know that one soul is more valuable than all the world’s wealth.

-There are still pastors whose motive for ministry is NOT money but a fervent desire to see lives transformed to the glory of God.

-There are many pastors who are still committed to the TRUE GOSPEL and will keep on preaching it with integrity no matter how many times they are abused or attacked.

I respect them and celebrate them greatly. *If you’re one of such pastors, we might not know you by name but God does.


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