Video of Nearly 1,000 People Baptize During ‘Spiritual Revival’ In California

Spiritual Revival’ In California
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‘Spiritual Revival’ – There’s a courageous church rising in California that refuses to be silenced.”

Approximately 1000 people were baptized as hundreds received salvation in Jesus Christ during a spiritual revival in California.

A revival is taking place in California where hundreds of people are gathering to worship, pray, and receive salvation.

Calvary Chapel Church in Chino Hills is rejoicing over the record number of baptisms that took place on September 12.

Spiritual Revival In California
Spiritual Revival In California

Calvary held the outdoor baptism at Corona Del Mar State Beach in Newport Beach where nearly 1,000 people made a public declaration of their faith in Jesus Christ.

Church Director Gina Gleason told CBN News that “California may be experiencing a spiritual revival.” She explained that the typical number of candidates for baptism is 300 but Saturday saw over three times that. CBN News reported.

“It’s remarkable and a significant number,” she added.

The area where everyone assembled, also known as Pirate’s Cove, reflected a scene of jubilation as adults, children, and families encountered the love and goodness of God.

Southern California has seen a powerful movement this summer where many are coming together to worship, pray, and receive salvation.

Recall that Believers Portal previously reported on Saturate OC, a revival that’s been taking place on the sandy shores of Huntington Beach since July 3 in an effort to share the gospel and spread the good news about the Kingdom of God.

And worship leader Sean Feucht shared a video of worshippers gathering in Pismo Beach recently to take part in a celebration of peace and hope.

“Thousands gathered on the beach to worship Jesus and wow did God show up and BLOW OUR MINDS!” he wrote. “Despite the threats, the CHURCH rallied with unprecedented unity! Dozens were saved and so many baptized! GOD IS COMING FOR CALIFORNIA!!”

Feucht told CBN News that “Something profound is taking place on the West Coast. There’s a courageous church rising in California that refuses to be silenced.”

The idea for the seaside evangelical movement started in 2016 when it’s organizers, Parker and Jessi Green had a vision of thousands of people being baptized along the Huntington Beach Pier

“We came to California on a vacation and as we prayed, we saw a picture of thousands of people being baptized along Huntington Beach Pier; the harvest was so massive, people were quickly turning around to baptize the person behind them,” Jessi explained on the Saturate OC website.

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