[MUST READ] Once Saved Is Not Forever Saved – Bishop David Oyedepo

Once Saved Is Not Forever Saved - Bishop David Oyedepo
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Presiding Bishop and Founder of the Living Faith Church Worldwide, also known as Winners’ Chapel International, Bishop David O. Oyedepo speaks on the current doctrine or teachings of ONCE SAVED FOREVER SAVED.

Speaking during the 2019 Shiloh tagged breaking Limit which started yesterday, the Bishop explains the signs of redemption.

Once saved is not always saved. Be careful of this flying doctrine around the world: “that what you do is immaterial; you are covered, I am telling you the truth, ‘You are not covered.”

The thing is this, let them bring a proof of what is been taught. Can I tell you this, “JEALOUSLY GUARD YOUR SALVATION”; “Let him that standeth take heed, lest he falls 1 Corinthians 10:12.”

Father is a Christian, Mother is a Christian; Father is a preacher, Mother is a preacher, so I am saved automatically. Being in church does not make you a child of God.

It takes new birth to access the realm of spiritual understanding. Faith will never deliver except in the hand of the Redeemed. The rod did not work in the hand of Gehazi. Faith does not work in the hand of those who are not redeemed.

How do I know I am born again or what are the fruits of new birth?
  • You Love God: Is your heart is not going out after God, your new birth is questionable.
  • You Love Righteousness
    Your love for righteousness comes alive, you see evil and you are grieved. Psalm 45:7 Psalm 7:11. Your love for righteousness blossoms.
  • Experience the joy of the Lord.

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