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On Monday 11th October 2021, MOBO-nominated Gospel artist and worship leader Sarah Téibo launches the Church Unboxed Podcast. Joined by guests each week sharing their experiences, the podcast will be tackling topics most Christians are sometimes too scared to talk about.

Church Unboxed is not your average faith-based podcast. It’s not for church-goers who are easily offended. It’s not a shallow synopsis of contemporary culture. It’s uncovering the issues that have been swept under the rug and listening to people who have felt marginalised and sometimes even ignored.

“Now, I’m not here to preach, or tell you what to think,” says the London-based musician, “but I am on a mission to shake up the tidy little box, in which we’ve put the church.”


This podcast is driven towards the sustainability of the church, by encouraging constructive contribution, inspiration and progressive understanding. This isn’t passive listening but a chance for audiences to participate in important discussions that they may have never heard or thought of before, or never felt safe speaking openly about.

In a world of information overload, ‘cancel culture’ and constant divisiveness, this podcast will provide a safe space to engage in thought provoking, honest and sometimes uncomfortable conversations that are crucial and could have a long-term impact on the church. Church Unboxed is here to guide and help people across the globe, in their journey with hardship and faith.

Stories bring our human connection to life and allow us to feel seen, heard and most importantly, understood. By reveling in the house of The Lord, Church Unboxed is reframing the approach to the church and this is a chance to be a part of the growth. By deconstructing the “taboo” of faith-based worship, Church Unboxed will provide a safe haven in the church, for the generations still to follow.

Season 1
Episode 1 – MONDAY 11th OCTOBER
Pete Dawson – Ivy Church, Manchester – IS ‘CANCEL CULTURE’ CRUSHING THE CHURCH?

Episode 2 – MONDAY 18th OCTOBER
Jeremy Neely – Music Artist, Nashville, TN – HARSH TRUTHS ABOUT CHURCH HURTS

Episode 3 – MONDAY 25th OCTOBER
Rev Dr Israel Oluwole Olofinjana – Evangelical Alliance – IS BLM A RESPONSE TO CHURCH FAILING

Episode 4 – MONDAY 1th NOVEMBER
David Brennan – Brephos, United Kingdom – IS THE CHURCH IGNORING ABORTION?

Episode 5 – MONDAY 8st NOVEMBER
Penny Lyon – Lead Singer, Out Of the Ashes – WHERE IS GOD WHEN WE ARE GRIEVING?

Episode 6 – MONDAY 15th NOVEMBER
Melissa Hale – Musician, Knoxville, TN – SHOULD CHRISTIANS PRACTICE YOGA?

Episode 7 – MONDAY 22nd NOVEMBER
Loulita Gill – Worship Leader, Bristol, England – WHY IS THERAPY TABOO IN THE CHURCH?

Episode 8 – MONDAY 22th NOVEMBER
Anj Khuttan – Lawyer, London, England – IMPRISONED BY ALCOHOL, FREED BY THE SPIRIT

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