ARTICLE: Why You as a Pastor needs Podcast Branding

Why You as a Pastor needs Podcast Branding
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Why You as a Pastor needs Podcast Branding

The world population is online now. The question is, are you online? How many lives do you touch with your God given sermons?

Why touch few lives with your powerful messages every Wednesday and Sunday when you can change lives all over the world.

You can be known all over the world by podcasting your sermons and it won’t cost you much and saves your messages for future purposes.

Rev. Sam Adeyemi is known worldwide now just by podcasting his sermons.

Edison Research’s April 2017 claimed that monthly podcast listeners in the US was now at 24%, up from 21% in 2016, and while the US podcast market is more developed than the UK’s, RAJAR’s MIDAS Spring 2017 report still showed that 5.5 million UK adults listen to podcasts – just over 10% of the adult population.

Yet while these reports provide the strongest evidence to date that podcast listening is forming a key part of our media diet, many pastors in Nigeria still haven’t considered podcasting as part of their communications plans.

Podcasts reach audiences in places other communications tactics may struggle to gain access to and do so in a unique, personal and controlled format.  People listen to podcasts on their commute, at the gym, out running or walking, and relaxing on holiday.

Smartphones are the most popular way to listen to podcasts, accounting for 72% of US adults who listen, with 28% of all podcasting hours listened to while travelling, reaching their highest audience between 8.15am-8.30am.

It’s a similar story in the UK with RAJAR finding that 57% of podcast listeners use their Smartphone to listen, with 42% doing so on their commute.

Of course, you can just as easily reach people through a podcast while sat at their desks too, but the key to a podcast is that, unlike video or the written word, it can be listened to while doing other things.  In that respect, podcasts are no different to radio, which, as RAJAR’s figures in the UK show, is more popular than ever. It’s also not just adults who listen to podcasts.  RAJAR’s Junior Audio Measurement Joint Audience Research showed that 18% of the UK’s 9-14 year-olds also claim to use podcasts weekly on average for 41 minutes each.

The increased popularity of podcasting is regularly attributed to the success of the US podcast series ‘Serial’.  When research was carried out amongst 6000 of that particular show’s listeners in June 2015, almost a quarter said Serial was the first podcast they’d ever listened to and 89% of those first-time listeners were inspired to try other podcasts, with 49% now listening to podcasts on a weekly basis.

LinkedIn also recently found that, based on a survey of more than 2,700 of its members worldwide, 35% listen to podcasts and that consumption increases in line with seniority.

So, with a clear appetite for listening to podcasts, your congregation and other Christians will like to connect with you from far or near. Why don’t you give them a home in the phones, tablets, pc etc for your messages.

Sir, this is 2018 and 2019 is fast approaching, let people from all over the globe hear you as you inspire them.

Let’s join you and take your ministry to the world!

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