RCCG 21 Days Fasting Day 17 Tuesday July 2018 Prayer Guide

RCCG 21 Days Fasting and Prayer
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Tuesday July 2018 RCCG 21 Days Fasting Day 16 “Prayer For Divine Victory” with Pastor E.A Adeboye of The Redeemed Christian Church of God.

In our engagement in this spiritual warfare, this prayer guide is provided to lead you through the 21 days in the month of July.

RCCG Fasting Prayer Guidelines:

  1. Say Father! Release on me the fresh grace to pray and wait on you until it becomes my way of life.
  2. Every evil monitoring spirit that is waiting to destroy and sabotage my efforts on the victory lane, I bind you and cast you out of my life and vicinity in Jesus name.
  3. I ask and command in the name of Jesus that the Ministry of the angel and full power of the Host of Heavens be released to fight for me in Jesus name.
  4. Every lion of this world – Spiritually, financially and emotionally– set to devour me, shut their mouth now in Jesus Mighty name.
  5. My father, my father!!! You fight for the innocent, please, fight for me against all forms of injustice concerning my life in Jesus name.
  6. The lions obeyed Daniel; I ask today that the laws of business, competition, progress will answer and work for my favour in Jesus name.
  7. As Daniel came out unhurt, in every battle that I am facing now, I will come out unhurt in the Mighty name of Jesus.
  8. Father!!! Let the Law of Substitution work for me now! Every form of saboteur and conspiracy in whatever realm, I disarrange them; back to sender!!!
  9. In any of my trial Oh Lord!! Don’t let me break down or bend double in Jesus name.
  10. When the list of victims are being collated between now and the end of the year, I decree that for me and all that You have given me, our names will not be inclusive.

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