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Fiefa Micah: Love Inspiration ‘Learn To Love Yourself’ Volume 3 July 2018

Love Inspiration

Excellent day People! Love Inspiration with Pastor Fiefa Micah Volume 3 July 2018 Edition.

Every human being God created on earth is beautiful. I always say that I have never seen a man or woman who looks at his or herself in a mirror and say ‘I am ugly’. It has never happen because there’s a consciousness of beauty in everyone’s heart. This brings us to our topic for today;


When you study the account of the creation you’ll noticed that God was satisfied with His creation – MAN (Genesis 1:31). Man was the crowning beauty of God’s creation. As a man or woman out there you should know that you’re the most beautiful thing in the World therefore ‘learn to love yourself’. Most at times a person tends to look down on its personality especially when rejected or feels rejected by the opposite sex. This ought not to be so for you’re fearfully and wonderfully made by God (Psalm 139:14).

Understand this; you’re the perfection and epitome of beauty. Your life is full of beauty, love and perfection of God.

  • Don’t look down on yourself.
  • Carry yourself with dignity.
  • You’re too beauty for the rejection.
  • God created you for His glory.
  • You’re created in the image and likeness of God.

Learn to live a joyous life knowing that you’re a master piece of God. He has done everything that He needed to do in you to make you all that He has ordained you to be. There’s nothing excellent that is missing in your life, you’re complete and perfected (Col. 2:10).


  • Love is contagious – 1 John 5:1
  • See yourself the way God sees you – Ephesians 2:4-5
  • Be inspired to love always – 1 John4:7
  • Be happy with yourself –Psalm 139:14

God bless you abundantly.


Pst. Fiefa Micah

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