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What would you do if you weren’t afraid? How would you live if you’d never met pain? Who would you become if doubt wasn’t in the way?

You have the idea, but have you put the plan in action? You want the marriage to work, but have you worked on forgiveness? The business could be up and running, but your insecurities keep holding you back. This #transformationtuesday I’m praying that God would give you the ability to be empty so that He can fill you with His spirit. Because transformation doesn’t just occur without opposition. You can have a vision, but the work required to make it a reality often keeps many of us feeling stagnant.

Until Now!

With God’s grace I want to help you remove the opposition keeping you from being effective so that you have the ability to establish new patterns and rhythms that reveal and facilitate God’s glorious purpose for you.

Message Title: Keys & Opposition – Sarah Jakes Roberts

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