DOWNLOAD MP3: Elevation Rhythm – Growing Pains (Album)

Elevation Rhythm - Growing Pains
Gospel Songs Mp3

Christian Music group Elevation Rhythm is out with their debut album titled “Growing Pains.” Listen here.

As an essential part of Elevation Church based in Charlotte, North Carolina, the group sets the musical compass for a younger generation of worshipers. With youth and young adults at the forefront of their mission, ELEVATION RHYTHM’s sonic backdrop is intentional to keep up with the changing times, which is why the group experiments with a variety of bold sounds and textures. Incorporating elements of pop, rock, worship, and hip-hop, each of the twelve songs found on Growing Pains offers the youthful energy found in its diversity.

“I think, sonically, RHYTHM is always going to be different,” adds producer Josh Holiday. “Two years from now, RHYTHM won’t sound like it sounds now because the sounds of the next generation are always evolving.”

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