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Kevin Quinn - I’m Still Breathing
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Capitol CMG’s newest pop artist-to-watch, Kevin Quinn, released a brand new single titled “Over And Over Again.” Quinn shared, “This is my favorite song to date. This song never fails to remind me that there are always bright times ahead.”

You can Download & Stream “Over And Over Again”.

I made my plans
Yeah I done all I can
On my own
Built all these walls
Just to watch them all fall
All alone

But You were the guide
That led me all my life
Every season
Moving the mountains
To show me
What I couldn’t see yet

Your timing was perfect
I didn’t deserve it
But You gave me purpose
Pulling me back into Your light again
Blind to my meaning
You made me see it
A love never leaving
Finding me over and over again

Waiting for change
When it’s just been the same
Thing repeating
Made my mistakes
Maybe I was afraid of believing

But you’ve been the current
That’s pulling my heart into freedom
Parting my waters and calming
The waves never ceasing

Here I am (over and over again)
Here I am (over and over again)
Here I am
It’s finding me over and over again

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