Music: Godspower – Yahweh

Godspower - Yahweh
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Enjoy this new music release titled “Yahweh” from singer Godspower.

“Praising God and worshiping Him has always been part of me. It’s a daily thing to me. I have been in choir groups from childhood. I noticed that when i have challenge, I want God to help me out, when I pray the effect is not much but when I praise and Worship Him I get more result than praying.

Circumstances during my birth, mum and dad had a fatal accident on their way to hospital to deliver me which lives were lost. Dad had big injury and nothing happened to my mum and me during the time I was in the womb. Doctor and Nurses couldn’t explain medical circumstances, and how I came out was  not normal to them. I was what people call mini dumb during my school age.  Which i couldn’t really talk. Rather I will write down my intentions if I needed to pass a massage to someone. I was a stammerer. It was a thorn in my parent’s flesh. I strived to sing but was difficult. But with God all things are possible. I began to speak normal before the age of 14. How can I pay God for the things He has done for me but to give Him praise and worship He deserves. He gave me a voice and healed me from stammering.” Godspower.

His first album called JESUS THE ONLY WAY will be officially released on the 18th of May 2019. Till then, enjoy this track (Yahweh) from the Album.

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