Advice from College Professors

Advice from College Professors
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Once you’ve made it through high school and gotten yourself accepted to the college of your choice, maybe even with financial aid, then what? You’ve received plenty of advice about getting to that point, but there are several years to go as a student. One of the main pieces of advice I gave my kids about college is to make sure the professor knows you, and knows that you’re interested in their subject and really want to learn it. They will help you, remember Gospel you, and rejoice in your success. College professors are happy to tell you what your high school guidance counselor did not about actually attending (and passing) college courses. Here’s a sample:

  1. They only remember the names of the good students and the bad students. Everyone in between is a blur.

I know the names of two kinds of students: those who are doing very badly in my class, and those who are interested, engaged, and making an effort to do well. Please don’t sit there for 16 weeks, with your hand down and mouth closed, and expect me to know who you are on the last day of class.—Rebecca Gibson, Facebook

  1. A 13-year-old could be grading the paper you pulled an all-nighter to complete.

My mom’s a professor and the one thing her students NEVER know is that I’ve graded parts of their exams. It’s been a tradition in our family to help grade exams and finals since we were around the age of 13, and none of her students know. bonniereinsch

My father taught geology, and started me grading papers at a much younger age, at least for the multiple choice quizzes.

– Miss Cellania

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