The book “Hercolubus or Red Planet”

Hercolubus or Red Planet
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Several masters of wisdom have raised their voice to warn us about the terrible future that is awaiting us. A current and very clear example of that is the small book entitled “Hercolubus or Red Planet”written by V.M. Rabolú, the great Colombian esotericist. This book can be described as a document about the future that has been written with full consciousness.

Based on his direct and conscious experience, V.M. Rabolú describes the terrible events that will occur on our planet in near times. Besides, he shows us the path to follow in order to achieve deep transformation for human beings. Today, the statements contained in his work enjoy the recognition of countless readers worldwide who have benefited from that knowledge.

The book “Hercolubus or Red Planet” describes in detail what the end times will be like. It makes us aware of the forthcoming arrival of a huge heavenly body to our solar system and warns humanity about the consequences of its approach.

Everything unfolds according to our behaviour. In this respect, the book “Hercolubus or Red Planet” is not an alarmist prophecy but the door through which we can break free from predictable events. Those catastrophic events would be the consequence of all our mistakes, accumulated through generations.

The message from the book “Hercolubus or Red Planet” is therefore a message of hope that challenges any fixed destiny. At the same time, it invites all human beings to experience the freedom of getting out of the circle of ignorance in which we keep moving.

Those who really want to be saved from the forthcoming catastrophe must start immediately to disintegrate the psychological self, that means all our defects, which number thousands. They need to prepare themselves, so that at the time of the rescue they are taken to a safe place…

This is not for you to make up theories or hold discussions, but to experience the true teaching that I am giving in this book. We can resort to nothing else.

V.M. Rabolú [divider]

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