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Topic: Meekness A Virtue In Moses – Higher Every Day by Pastor W. F. Kumuyi [Date: Saturday 10 March, 2018].

Scripture: Now the man Moses was very meek. above all the men which were upon the face of the earth.- {Numbers 12:3).

During the Revolutionary war at Valley Forge, a corporal was directing three men as they tried to lift a log into place. It was too heavy. but the corporal commanded again and again, -All right,men,one, two, three, lift man in an overcoat came by and said to the corporal. ‘Why don’t you help them?” The corporal pulled himself up to full height and replied. “Sir, I am a corporal Without a word the man stepped over and with his help the log went easily into place. The man was George Washington the Commander in Chief of the armed Forces.

Our text extols the virtue of meekness in Moses. The natural man cannot be gentle toward attackers, but Moses was gentle toward Miriam and Aaron his critics. Meekness is opposed to conflict violence or anger. Meekness makes us to care about God’s honour and what happens to others rather than our own self-esteem. However meekness is not weakness. It is strength of character. It is behaving with goodness and kindness to others. showing serenity self-control and healthy self­ worth.

Challenge: Be like the master in meekness

Prayer: Lord Jesus help me to always reflect your meekness

Quote: However, meekness is not weakness

Bible Reading in one Year: lsaiah 53:7-9

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