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#Focus: What can we do?

What can we do?

In view of so many prophecies that seem to point out that the end times are very near, we can’t help asking ourselves:


Is there any truth in all this?

Should we take these prophecies and these dates literally or rather as symbolic, warning us about a change of era?

Can we be sure that the end of our world is near?

And, if it is true that we are facing great catastrophes that will mean the end of our civilization… is there anything that we can do to change the course of events and survive the disaster?

The great change: Consciousness Awakening

Whether or not the year 2012 is the beginning of the end times, there are enough signs for us to think that if we do not change our behaviour as human beings our civilization will continue facing extremely serious social, economic and environmental problems. If we do not change in time, the different prophecies will become reality and our destiny as humanity will be a failure and the disappearance of civilization. The only way out is to awake our consciousness.

To awaken our consciousness means to eliminate from within ourselves all vices, defects and evil that prevent light, love and wisdom to shine within us.

It is time to awaken. We need to transform ourselves since there are countless prophecies that are pointing out that the time of destruction is very close.


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