Fiefa Micah Love Inspiration “Make The Right Choice” November Volume I

Fiefa Micah Love Inspiration “Make The Right Choice” November Volume I
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Love Inspiration with Pastor Fiefa Micah “Make The Right Choice” November 2018 Edition Volume I.

Excellent day People!

In life, the choices we make in choosing the right partner are as important as they can make or mar our future and entire generation. Trust God in your decision or ability to choose the right partner. A lot of couples started out well but later on resort to divorce or separation as they couldn’t tolerate one another lapses. This brings us to our topic for the week;


In the quest of finding the right partner, many people have adopted the worldly life style by dressing indecently, hanging around nightclubs and feeling ashamed to attend church services. This can only lead to heartbreak and disappointment as no Godly man will propose to a lady that dresses indecently and hang around night clubs.

Here are a few tips on finding the right partner:

Marry someone you can pray with. Couples that pray together stay together and that’s a proven fact. The marriages that fail always have one partner that avoids having daily devotionals together. Prayer really builds deep intimacy into a marriage.

Work on being and not having; make yourself the sort of person that any godly man would want to marry. Don’t be parasites; be kind, reliable, courteous and attractive. Be full of love.

Be knowledgeable yourself. Have a daily quiet time with God where you study the word of God, pray and start doing the word, Go to church and worship God. Don’t be anxious, keep trusting God for it and you shall never be disappointed. No one is ever a fool for trusting the lord.

Learn to recognize predators/enemy. There are quite a number of people who are married yet looking for young ladies to use and dump. They generally have no intention of being godly and little intention of marriage. They are generally after unprotected sex with vulnerable ladies to take advantage of.

Get good Christian counseling if you have had traumatic experiences that may be hindering your ability to relate to members of the opposite sex. It will help eliminate the doubts and enable you learn new ideas on how to connect to the right partner.

Make a success of your career. It will cultivate good qualities in you such as forward thinking, planning, diligence, and hard work and it will increase your self-esteem so that you don’t feel as devastated by being single. It will also increase your confidence and attractiveness.


  • Prioritize your marriage/relationship.
  • Learn to forgive.
  • Do something great for someone your spouse loves (family).
  • Teach your partner what you love (new things).
  • Be fully committed.

PRAYER: Dear father, I declare that I have everything required to live an excellent life. I make the right choices in my relationship, marriage, job and business, the wisdom of God is working in me, in Jesus name, Amen.

God bless you abundantly


Pastor Fiefa Micah “Love Inspiration”:

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