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Fiefa Micah: Love Inspiration October Edition ‘The Complete Woman part 2’

Love Inspiration October edition - The Complete Woman part 2

Love Inspiration: (Singles and Married Forum: The Complete Woman part 2) October Edition 2019, Volume 1 by Pastor Fiefa Micah.


Excellent Day People!

God is raising women in this generation. As a woman, you need to arise and activate the seed of greatness in you, be purpose driven, passionate and enthusiastic.  Women are the change agent the world is looking for; a woman is an administrator, motivator, manager, negotiator etc.

The book of creation clearly defines the complete woman as the Proverbs 31 woman. This is a woman with a great responsibility, readily making a positive contribution in her family with the investment of her personality thereby impacting the world one day at a time.

Below are some qualities of the complete woman

  • The complete woman is the balance in the society.
  • She’s the nuclear of her home.
  • She doesn’t fall short of her duties to her husband and children.
  • She understands the need for change.
  • She’s comfortable and competent.
  • She settles her worries on her kneels through prayer.


  • Be open to correction
  • Communicate in a new and simple way
  • Fall in love with yourself
  • Be a problem solver
  • Learn to trust your partner completely


Dear lord, I live graciously for you, my gaze is set on you, use me to fulfill purpose on earth positively in Jesus name, amen.


Pst. Fiefa Micah
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