Fiefa Micah Love Inspiration ‘Marital Passion’ September Edition Volume Iii

Fiefa Micah Love Inspiration 'Marital Passion'
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Excellent day People! Love Inspiration with Pastor Fiefa Micah Volume III September 2018 Edition.

It is very common for people think that money is the greatest need in marriage nowadays, when in actual fact ‘WISDOM’ is the ideal requirement in the choice of who to marry. Some people also thinks that marriage is all about having fun, bearing children and living happily ever after.

A very popular celebrity name withheld recently gave a word of advice to his friend & co- celebrity never to think of marriage. In his word ‘marriage doesn’t work, just have children’ became a trend. He thinks that marriage is complicated and doesn’t work. Anyway, in this article, I shall analysis the need to apply wisdom in the choice of who to marry.


The saying: “As a man thinks in his heart so is he” clearly defines the choice of who to marry. It is based on whom we have become on the inside, what we have developed in the heart influences our decision.

Marriage was instituted by God to meet our needs for companionship, partnership, production and sexual pleasure. In the book of creation; Genesis chapter 1 & 2, God took us through a journey of how marriage should be instituted.

First, God created man & he gave him work to do. God’s assignment should be man’s priority in life. Living a purposeful life gives meaning and direction in marriage and every aspect of life.

Secondly, God realize the man he created was alone, man needed a help meet. God took only one rib from man (Adam) to create the woman (Eve), not two or three ribs but ‘ONE’. He created only one woman for the man.

This makes it clear that God’s philosophy for marriage is “one man, one woman”. Marriage should be borne out of passion and ability to make it work. Adam sighted Eve for the first time and exclaimed, “this is the bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh”. He didn’t only recognize Eve physically but spiritually. I believe that God has deposited godly passion in  the heart of everyman and woman who are meant for each other.


Companionship – Be best of friends and always willing to talk about challenging issues.

Passion – Always keep the fire burning. Every woman wants to be chased like you did in the beginning likewise the man.

Romance – Treat her like a queen everyday and she’ll respond to your desires.

Affection – Every woman desires to be touched always. Love should not exist only in the heart; it should be expressed every moment in marriage by both couples.

Compassion – Be slow to speak; show compassion and be sentimental. Every marriage needs compassion, hugs, kisses etc

Submission – This is an attitude of the heart every woman ought to express in marriage, it brings about protection/ security.

PRAYER: Dear father, I declare that you give to me fulfillment and success in my marriage/ relationship. Thank you for giving me a heart to express love always in Jesus name, Amen.

God bless you abundantly


Pastor Fiefa Micah

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