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Love Inspiration - The Complete Woman
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Love Inspiration: (Singles and Married Forum: The Complete Woman) Volume 3 September Edition 2019, by Pastor Fiefa Micah.


Excellent Day People!

The complete woman is a woman of purpose, power & value to take responsibility for her life/relationship. This is a woman whose passion is to make a positive contribution to her family thereby impacting the World with her personality. No woman can be happy without the existence of love in her life, Love is God and God is love.

In this edition, there’re three points to note that makes a complete woman;

  • Being complete in Christ:

A complete woman is a woman who is complete in Christ Jesus – Colossians 2:10. This woman finds her completeness not in a man, job, business, fashion, social life, material things but in Christ.

She finds refuge in God and not in her past; the past was just an experience or lesson to learn from, not a life sentence. The complete woman’s life in centered in Christ and she has understanding and passion for the things of God.

· Being a Help Meet:

This refers to a woman who is a suitable companion to her husband, she is the one that brings completeness in the home.  Then the Lord God said, “It is not good for the man to live alone. I will make a suitable companion to help him.” Gen. 2:18 (GNT). The complete woman is a woman who sees herself as a helpful companion, completeness and partner to her husband.

Now, the big question; are you a complete woman or a parasite? Proverbs 12:4 says ‘a good wife is her husband’s pride and joy; but a wife who brings shame on her husband is like a cancer in his bones’.

  • A virtuous woman:

Life is more than what the eyes can see. As a woman, can your husband make boost of you openly? The proverbs 31 woman is a complete woman; How hard it is to find a capable wife! She is worth far more than jewels! Her husband puts his confidence in her, and he will never be poor. As long as she lives, she does him good and never harm’ .Proverbs 31:10-13(GNT)

The way a woman relates with her husband is important to God. Men represent God on earth as the head of the home and God takes delight in a Godly man. The complete woman should be beautiful in her heart much more than the physical beautify. True beauty comes from a woman true, sincere and inner self.

In conclusion, every woman has a place in God. A woman’s life cannot be complete without God. Let God locate you, find your purpose for living; being a wife or a mother. Preach the gospel with your character, conduct and soft spoken wisdom filled words. YOU ARE THE COMPLETE WOMAN.


  • Show love by praying for your partner
  • Relate with your character
  • Don’t love for a selfish purpose
  • Be good and never hurt your partner
  • Be submissive


Lord God almighty, I come to you today with a sincere heart of repentance, help me to fulfill my purpose in life as a complete woman in Jesus name, amen.


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