Fiefa Micah Love Inspiration “Spice It Up” October Edition Volume III

Fiefa Micah Love Inspiration Spice It Up October Volume III
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Excellent day People! Love Inspiration with Pastor Fiefa Micah October 2018 Edition, Volume III.

Did you know that marriage was instituted by God to be enjoyed? I’ve come to know most couples nowadays are managing their marriage/relationship, some couples are in the endurance mode and others couldn’t just handle the challenges evolving around their marital life anymore which results to series of divorce and separation. This ought not to be so; you can do something to build a strong happy marital life/relationship.


A good marriage/relationship is meant to be a long time sharing of love, both good and bad experiences making it a memorable journey. God intends for you and your spouse to share a life of Joy together. But doing so can be challenging in the midst of life’s incessant demands you can’t escape. But this should not wear down your marriage/relationship so that you don’t enjoy it. You and your spouse can still enjoy your marriage/relationship together with the following strategies;


MAKE YOUR MARRIAGE/RELATIONSHIP A PRIORITY: Incorporate time to talk to each other without distractions into every day of your marriage, talk by phone or text. Eat meals together whenever possible, and don’t rush them, so you can enjoy good conversations while eating. Talk with each other about the most difficult and the most rewarding parts of every day.

LAUGH TOGETHER: Humor is a gift from God that can benefit your marriage in many ways, including reducing stress and tension, improving you and your spouse’s health, and creating bonds that build intimacy in your marriage. So compliment each other and refuse to take each other too seriously to laugh about your human foibles.

COMPLIMENT/HONOUR EACH OTHER: When you honor each other’s value as people made in God’s image rather than criticizing each other, you create positive attitudes in your marriage that can help both of you enjoy your relationship with confidence. Speak well of your spouse to friends and family members.

LOOK GOOD: Take steps to feel good about your body and the way you look. This is for you and your partner. Don’t worry; you don’t need to look like a model. Just taking steps to feel good about yourself can be helpful to you.

ACKNOWLEDGE YOUR MISTAKES AND TAKE RESPONSIBILITY: Say “I’m sorry.” We all mess up from time to time, say things we later regret, and do things we really shouldn’t. And yet, so often we justify these actions, to ourselves and our partners. This can lead to resentment and defensiveness—not the ingredients for a happy relationship. Next time you mess up, admit your mistake and move on. It will help your partner feel closer to you.


  • Learn to laugh.
  • Look good
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle
  • Prepare specially to be loved
  • Smile always

PRAYER: Dear father, I pray that you grant me the desired wisdom to spice up my marriage/relationship, that I may live to enjoy a healthy marital life style in Jesus mighty name, Amen.

God bless you abundantly


Pastor Fiefa Micah

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