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Pst. Fiefa Micah: Love Inspiration (Finding Freedom In Forgiveness) July Edition Volume 3

Fiefa Micah - Love Inspiration (Finding Freedom In Forgiveness) July Edition Volume 3

Love Inspiration (Singles and Married Forum) July 2019 Edition – Volume III, with Pastor Fiefa Micah. Lead pastor (Christ Love Global Church,) at Former Renny’s Building, Beside National Identity Management Office, Hospital Road, Yenagoa, Nigeria.

Excellent Day People!


Forgiveness is one of the greatest, unmerited and unearned gifts one can offer to a partner in relationship. It means letting go of your right to bring a sense of equality to the situation at hand and instead, ignore the pain and hurt, by looking beyond and ahead. Forgiveness is also, about allowing oneself to stay vulnerable with hope for growth and change in your relationship. This requires a willing and trusting heart to look beyond the scars and see the person whom you love, whose future you hold as your own, and to see their own pain that has now become your own. The freedom of forgiveness provides grace to your partner for a wrong that has been experienced. It provides a unique way to deepen your relationship and strengthen what you have together that is not possible any other way.

Moreso, choosing to offer the gift of forgiveness and letting go of resentment is the alternative to holding on to the hurt. Freedom is experienced where forgiveness exists. It allows one to move beyond the pain, to heal, to grow and aspire.

Critical Aspects of Forgiveness

  • Forgiveness is about freedom; no one wins when the burden of pain is unresolved.
  • Forgiveness is about you; the choice to let go the experience and pain.
  • Forgiveness offers grace; underserved and free of expectations.
  • Forgiven creates an intense intimacy; it builds trust and reliance.
  • Forgiveness offers a remedy; to heal and grow.


  • Nobody is perfect.
  • Relationship is an investment
  • Be willing to grow and aspire.
  • Love unconditionally.
  • See beyond the mistakes.

Dear father, thank you for granting me freedom in forgiveness, my mind, body and spirit is free from the burden of pain in Jesus name, Amen.


Pst. Fiefa Micah
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