Love Inspiration “Picture Your Future” By Fiefa Micah – 2019 August Edition

Love Inspiration - Picture Your Future By Fiefa Micah
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LOVE INSPIRATION: (Singles and Married Forum) AUGUST 2019 EDITION VOLUME III, with Pastor Fiefa Micah.

Excellent Day People!


Visions are a mental picture of your future; it is a powerful tool for transformation. They’re images that represent the things you’ll like to see and experience in the future; relationship, business, job career, ministry etc. It is a roadmap anyone can create that will enable clarity of what you really desire. This could be done by writing down pieces of ideas, getting a photograph, painting a picture of your deepest desires for references, which stands as a constant reminder until the desired purpose are achieved.

Your vision connects you to your core values in your everyday work. It inspires, gives you energy and builds your purpose driven desires. It enables you to focus on what to do and how to achieve your goals in the nearest future. It is a call to becoming something more than the ordinary.

How to create and develop visions for your future.

  • Ask yourself simple questions of ‘why’, ‘what’ and ‘how’ about your dreams or deepest desires.
  • Fill your mind with positive ideas and images of the future you desire.
  • Make sure it is unique, simple and fits into your passions.
  • Let your visions be inspiring and directional.
  • Align each goals accordingly and be focus.


  • Love God first before your partner
  • Encourage one another
  • Be best of friends
  • Develop the intent to learn.
  • Be honest with yourself.


Oh God, I pray that you grant me the mindset to stay focus and grace to accomplish my desires today and always in Jesus name, Amen.


Pst. Fiefa Micah
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